The Cooperative Model

University Houses Preschool (UHP) was founded by University Houses residents in 1968 as a part day parent cooperative preschool, and the preschool continues with this model of operation today. Parental involvement and participation is incorporated into the daily structure and curriculum of UHP. Alongside two certified preschool teachers, at least one parent helper assists in the classroom every day. In addition, the parent board directly supports and works with the director and teaching staff. The parent co-op model not only keeps tuition costs low, but parents and students mutually benefit from the parents’ involvement in the classroom. In addition, the democratic leadership from the parent board means parents contribute significantly in policy and planning, and in making important decisions to ensure the preschool’s continued success.

Here are our Board Members for the 2022-23 Academic Year:

Renee Deschard (Center Front), Board President

Sarah Hoppe-Savage (Front Right), Parent Outreach

Amit Popat (Back Left), Treasurer

Jim Rogers (Back Center), Community Board Member

Adam Brigham (Back Right), Secretary

Karen Beck (Front Left), Director

not present: Ashlyn Brigham and Molly Basarich