Looking for a preschool?

UHP Parent Cooperative is a part day, non-profit, parent cooperative school.  We are located at 6033 Odana Road, at the intersection of Odana Road and Research Park Boulevard, on Madison’s near west side. 

The Preschool was one of Madison’s first childcare centers to be both State licensed (1968) and City certified (1975).  We enroll up to 14 children in our morning class and afternoon class.  Each class has 2 teachers and 1 parent helper.

We serve about 40 families each semester. The children we serve are in mixed age groups spanning from our admission age 2 years until they go off to Kindergarten.   

We are proud of our school’s program, underlying philosophies and dedicated teaching staff. We believe our preschool offers an important first learning experience for young children. Our international population provides many opportunities for learning about and encouraging a natural interest and respect for a diverse range of cultures.

Our school’s small size, home-like setting and mixed age grouping further encourage a supportive, familial environment. In this environment children build a strong self-concept and experience a positive introduction to life long learning.