My child is not yet potty-trained. Do you enroll children who are still in diapers?

-Yes. We will enroll children who are still in diapers. While your child is in diapers we will also use the diapers that you supply, disposable or cloth.

How do you handle potty-training?

-We believe that potty training success is based on behavioral, physical, and developmental milestones, not age. Both child and family has to be ready to devote the time and consistency to toilet training. We work with the family to make the best plan for each child.

What does it mean to enroll in a cooperative, if I am not able to be a member?

-Both members and non-members make our school work. All families are required to bring snack during the semester based on how many days a week your child is enrolled. All families are also required to spend 2 hours each semester helping with indoor and outdoor cleaning. There are lots of opportunities to participate in school community as a non-member. We have potlucks, school trips, school parties, playgroups, fundraisers, and school play dates at local parks.

What are the differences between being a member family and a non-member family?

The main difference between members and non-members is that members receive a discounted rate on tuition based on volunteer hours. For every class time, we have a parent-helper. Volunteer hours are determined by how many days a week your child attends UHP.

We would like to be a member, but I work and cannot parent help. Are there other options?

-Yes. Some members provide their volunteer hours as Board service. These positions are filled as they become available. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact one of the co-directors and let them know you are interested. ANOTHER OPTION is to have a grandparent or other family member/ friend complete the volunteer hours in your place. (Any adult completing your volunteer hours must attend our parent-volunteer training and pass a background check.)

As excited as I am for my child to start preschool, I'm also feeling a bit nervous. I expect a lot of tears. I'm just looking for some reassurance that there will be enough love for them if they are really struggling.

-Leaving when your child is crying is the worst. We understand this. Our philosophy on leaving your child is to be very loving and factual about it. Please no sneaking out, which we know you will not. Let them know how much you love them and that you will be back to pick them up, then leave. We will love them up we promise. Not all children want to be held by us at the start as they don't know us. We also show love by getting them involved in activities, reading books, checking in, being close by, offering friends for support, and reassuring them all along the way. Some children need some space to cry and we are always there to make sure they are okay. If any child is having such a hard time, we would call a parent. To this day we have not had to do this. Some children cry at drop off, then play, then cry when they see their parents at pick up again. This is a very typical response. We look forward to helping your child find their own path here at UHP.

What is lunch bunch and what do we pack?

We love having lunch with your children! Lunch Bunch provides great opportunities for socializing, discussing healthy eating habits, and encourages independence. As you are preparing your child's lunch, we ask that you are mindful of the foods you are packing –when it comes to preferences, allergies and “culinary experiences,” it is a very diverse bunch at the lunch table. We encourage all bunchers to eat the lunch that is packed; however, we also want to foster a healthy relationship with food and believe that this is best achieved when children are given healthy food options and the autonomy to choose which foods they eat.