Kids love worms! They love exploring, feeding and saying, “Worms, eat my food scraps!” as much as spraying them with water. I have an established worm composting system that I am willing to travel to families who are interested in hosting them for a week or two. You need a 2x2 foot area for the black bin in a warm area, inside your house or in the basement. The garage is too cold. You also need about 1 cup of fruit and vegetable scraps to feed them and a water only spray bottle. Please sign up for only one week at first so all families have an opportunity to host the worms.

Creative play, sensory play, and crafting take many forms. To help our children learn and grow we want to make sure they have plenty of "tools" to engage their imagination....AND, help our wonderful teachers plan unique activities.

To help keep the cupboards stocked, we have noted some of the more popular items. If you are at the store and can help us but picking up something from the Community Science and Activity Supply list, it would be greatly appreciated.